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CAFE Consortium

Ages: 3 to 5 years

Do you ever wonder how much media is used within your household? The Comprehensive Assessment of Family Media Exposure (CAFE) Consortium is a team of researchers with specialties in psychology, pediatrics, communications, and human development. The goal of the Consortium is to more accurately measure media usage within households and to examine the effects of early media exposure on development.

The CAFE Emu study is a joint project between Georgetown University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Over the course of one week, parents will be asked to complete daily online surveys and to install a passive sensing app (Chronicle for Androids and Screen Time for Apple devices) on their mobile device. CAFE Consortium works in conjunction with Open Lattice and their products, Chronicle and the Time Use Diary, which were specifically developed for CAFE.

If you would like to participate in the CAFE Emu study, please schedule a Zoom call with one of our researchers.

Below is a map of where the members of the CAFE Consortium are located. Click on the purple pins for more details.