Parent Resources

Zero to Three: Screen Sense

A leading magazine for early childhood development professionals. This Web site provides information for parents about everyday issues of parenting

Child Trends

The child trends news service covers the latest research in child development and education for parents and teachers.

Consumer Notice is a free-to-use resource that features information on defective products, financial vulnerability, and environmental and public hazards that could threaten our health and safety.

They have published a child safety guide that covers baby-proofing, food safety basics, toy risks, and more.



There is also a Food Guide Safety that covers Baby Food, Formula, and Allergies.



Children’s National Medical Center

Children’s national hospital Child Development Unit unit is led by renowned experts in infant and toddler development who understand the unique needs of children as they develop.  They conduct developmental evaluations and diagnostic assessments for children referred for a variety of reasons, including parent or pediatric care provider concerns about delays in motor skills, social communication, cognitive skills, adaptive skills and social-emotional development. 

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