Welcome to the Early Learning Project

Welcome to the Georgetown Early Learning Project. We are a research group interested in social and cognitive development during early children. We focus on children under 5 years of age because this is a time of rapid development development in many domains. We are particularly interested in how children pick up information from multiple sources around them.  For this reason we have a number of ongoing projects examining learning and memory, the role of bilingual exposure, parent-child interactions, and learning from media.  

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Interested in participating in one of our studies?

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Why is the ELP Important?


Recent News Study 




Screen Sense: Research-Based Guidelines for Screen Use for Children Under Three Years Old

Florida’s Just in Time Training presents this webinar by Dr. Rachel Barr and Claire Lerner on research based guidelines for media use with young children.

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Recent Research Project 



How do preschoolers learn?

Ages: 30-months to 59-months

In collaboration with George Washington University we are conducting a study using multiple different games to find out how preschoolers learn from video and touchscreen. We are examining how preschoolers learn from others and how age and memory development contribute to this learning. 

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