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Connect to Baby

Ages: Prenatal to 12-months

Connect to Baby (CTB) is a free program that uses the power of communication and play to build strong connections between parents and children. During our six in-person sessions, CTB uses digital media and activities to work on key relationship skills of Notice, Follow, Talk, and Encourage to build a strong parenting team as well as father-child and mother-child relationships. During each week, parents interact with a trained facilitator to learn about communicating with another about parenting and to get to know their baby better. 

Here’s How it Works:

  • You can enroll in baby’s first months of life, or even before your baby is born
  • Sessions can take place in your home or at Martha’s Table

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Gifts and Benefits:

In addition to learning lifelong parenting skills, families will receive:

  • A life-time subscription to the baby photo and video app Tinybeans (valued at $250)
  • Payment of up to $75
  • Stipends to cover travel and phone costs
  • Baby gifts and more!

For more information about Connect to Baby, send us an email at ConnectToBaby@georgetown.edu or give us a call at 410-925-8501