Parent Resources

Child Trends:

Five things to know about tots and technology are included here.

Children’s Medical Center:

The Children’s medical center web site provides a wealth of information about services for children in the DC metro area. The link will bring you to a search page where you can search for a specific developmental issue. For general information about the Center for Neuroscience and Behavioral Medicine, please call 202-884-5960. For information and appointments for the Attention, learning, and hyperactivity problems center please call 571-226-8393.

Fred Rogers Center:

This blog is an excellent resource for parents interested in early learning and children’s media.

Fred Rogers Center Resource Database:

This database includes numerous links for parents interested in recommendations, research, and policy statements regarding early learning and children’s media.

NIH Health Information Site:

Comprehensive and factual site about many aspects of child development. Also available in Spanish.

Zero to Three: “Zero to Three”

A leading magazine for early childhood development professionals. This Web site provides information for parents about everyday issues of parenting and summary on media viewing research including this report on screen use guidelines for children under 3 co-authored by Dr. Rachel Barr.
Zero to Three: Research Summary 
What the research tells us about the impact of TV/video viewing on children under three

Learn and Grow:

Making the Most of Screen Time: What is media literacy, and how do children develop it?

Center for Healthy Families:
Couples and family therapy services as the University of Maryland.